Logo creation:

cdp_logo1.jpg   Upper_body_1_outline.jpg   weast_360_logo.jpg   vse_2_alter3.png   Delia Foleys Irish Pub LOGO 2.jpg   honest_thief_initial_hat.jpg   lilly_logo1_no_add.jpg   WINTYBLUE2.jpg   RSP_final2.jpg   FEA_2.jpg  Lumber Diva   .  josh_bp4.jpg.

3 logo mocks for a local restaurant, along with menu:

Smaltimore logo.jpg   smaltimore_btl.jpg   smaltimore_gradient_cityline.jpg

smaltimore_menu_13.jpg  smaltimore_menu_132.jpg  smaltimore_burger_menu_2.jpg

Same owner, different account menu:

delia_foleys_menu_2019_r4.jpg  delia_foleys_menu_2019_r42.jpg

Marketing collaterals for West-360 (including image enhancement):

west360_marketing_catalog_main_r2.jpg   marketing_blank2.jpg   west360_full_service.jpg                       pre_post_mark.jpg   West_360_Services.jpg  B_A_6.jpg            B_A_4.jpg   B_A_1.jpg

Logos, business cards and sell sheets for K-Squared:

K2_rectangle_CMYK_new_1.jpg   K2_CMYK_large_new.jpg   Business_Card_Kia_1.jpg  capabilities_overview_r1_template.jpg

capabilities_overview_r1 pdf link.

Digital Sherpa inspirational quotes {images}:

which_side.jpg   success.jpg   find_way.jpg   green.jpg  cel_success.jpg

This is a magazine article spread I created after I traveled to Fiji. I was really inspired by their lifestyle so I wrote an article based on my experiences of the Fijian culture.


Below is the initial magazine mock-up I created before progressing to the actual magazine design (MDental, University of Maryland School of Dentistry).

Mdental_mock-1   Mdental_mock-2   Mdental_mock-3   Mdental_mock-4   Mdental_mock-5

Aesop Book: Please click this link to the left and scroll down to see this custom made book that incorporates fables from the well known author, Aesop. I wanted to give it a fun personality to appeal to children, yet also adults.

Below are a handful of logos I designed for Elite Tournaments (  They were designed for soccer tournaments; boys and girls. I included a mix of logos intended for groups of all ages.

      Columbia Invitational     

These are a couple logos I designed that played with the many visual aspects of typography.


Local event flyers and digital features.

Bunny Hop   Charm City Music Festival orig 11x17 BG.jpg   Hightopps_backstage_bash.jpg

10322663_10201034511864299_1334084654409099914_n   RCWH_1792485_Note01.jpg

Custom poster design.




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