Graphic Design (UMSOD)


Case For Support Booklet and Folder (created all aspects):

Case For Support

CFS1 cover CFS1  CFS2  CFS3  CFS4

Honor Roll Booklets:

2011  Spring Cover  Fall Cover

Honor Roll 2011Honor Roll 2012Honor Roll 2013

Annual Fund projects (tri-folds & notecards):

GenericFall 2012Spring 2013Fall 20132013 Matching Reply CardSpring 2014

Endowments Brochures:

Perio1  Perio2  Perio3


Stuardship  Stuardship back

Mdental Spreads I created for the magazine:

Mdental 2012 cover  Mdental_ Spring  Mdental 2013 cover  Mdental 2014

2012 spread 1  2012 spread 2  2012 spread 3

2013 spread 1  2013 spread 2  2013 spread 3

2014 spread 1  2014 spread 2  2014 spread 3

Initial mock-up designs for the Mdental:

Mdental_mock-1   Mdental_mock-2   Mdental_mock-3   Mdental_mock-4   Mdental_mock-5

Alumni Reunion brochures and collaterals:

2013 Programs/Booklet— PFAGCBOpening ReceptionReunion CardMain Booklet

2014 Booklet— BookletGrand Class BrunchOpening Reception

Below are a handful of postcards I’ve created for receptions, CE courses, and events:

  Capital Dental  Perio postcard

ADA Dental    TMJ Card

Hawaii Dental  Florida Dental  Chesapeake Dental

Cover of the original Continuing Education Catalog (full catalog design below):

CE Cover

CE Course Catalog

Vendor Expo/Career Fair:

VendorExpo_20122013Career Fair

Dental Museum in Baltimore cards:

Dental museum  Dental museum back

Below are a handful of the slides I created for our web stories on a weekly basis:



Vendor_Slide  Twins  natural_remedy

frisby_slide  military_slide  summer_MD_slide

Banners, posters, backdrops, and displays, all located throughout the building:

Banner 1  Backdrop  Banner

Alerts  President News  Alerts

Gen 3  Events Poster  Grand Class Poster  In Memorium

Template displays, vector door etchings, etc:

Mon. 2  Mon. 1  Display Case

suite door design  Suite Etch 1

Helped to re-design the homepage for the website:

template  template2

Class Bruchure:

2014 bi-fold card

Departure Cards:

departure card  departure card back  Dr Emad reception card

Holiday and birthday cards. The first piece is hand drawn:

Holiday Card 2  Holiday Card 1  Birthday card

Certificates, envelopes, planning sheets, fact sheets, hang tags, coupons and other miscellaneous works:

cerificate  planning sheet  fact sheet

Mdental_envelope2  Mdental_envelope1  Mdental_hang_tag  Coupon

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