UMSOD Graphic Design

There are a variety of publications I’ve designed and produced in 2 years for the University of Maryland School of Dentistry. As the lead designer, I take care of all aspects that go into design and production (including pictures, videos, web, working with printer representatives, and more). We strive to maintain an excellent visual identity. Scroll down to see some of my works:

Here is the Case for Support booklet I created, that also goes along with a matching folder and inserts. Click the link below (Case for Support) to see the full booklet file:

CFS1 cover  Case For Support                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CFS1  CFS2  CFS3  CFS4

These are the Honor Roll booklets created to congratulate alumni and donors for their support. They come out on a yearly basis. We themed the most recent 2 covers by the season. The 2011 cover is more brand driven. Click on the links to see the full spreads.

2011  Spring Cover  Fall Cover

Honor Roll 2011Honor Roll 2012Honor Roll 2013

Annual Fund projects (tri-folds & notecards), which help bring revenue to the school.

GenericFall 2012Spring 2013Fall 20132013 Matching Reply CardSpring 2014

Below is a brochure created to endorse endowments for the Periodontics Department. My design emphasizes the 7 core values of the school.

Perio1  Perio2  Perio3

This card was created to thank all of the donors, coming from a student testimonial. Not only do I design these pieces, but I communicate with the rest of our team to develop marketing ideas and strategies such as this one. It was intended to help our donors understand how much we appreciate their support.

Stuardship  Stuardship back

Here are some of the Mdental magazine spreads, covers, and layouts dating back to 2012. I also included a hand-dawn (optional cover) that I created, and was particularly fond of.

Mdental 2012 cover  Mdental_ Spring  Mdental 2013 cover  Mdental 2014

2012 spread 1  2012 spread 2  2012 spread 3

2013 spread 1  2013 spread 2  2013 spread 3

2014 spread 1  2014 spread 2  2014 spread 3

Below are the initial magazine mock-ups I created before progressing to the actual magazine design (MDental, University of Maryland School of Dentistry).

Mdental_mock-1   Mdental_mock-2   Mdental_mock-3   Mdental_mock-4   Mdental_mock-5

Every year the biggest event is our All Alumni Reunion. Here are some of the brochures and collaterals used throughout the event. You’ll notice some spot color publications in 2013.

2013 Programs/Booklet— PFAGCBOpening ReceptionReunion CardMain Booklet

2014 Booklet— BookletGrand Class BrunchOpening Reception

Below are a handful of postcards I’ve created for receptions, CE courses, and events.

  Capital Dental  Perio postcard

ADA Dental    TMJ Card

Hawaii Dental  Florida Dental  Chesapeake Dental

This is the cover of the original Continuing Education Catalog I created when I first came on board (link to full magazine). <The interior is black & white>

CE Cover  CE Course Catalog

The School holds a Vendor Expo Once a year along with a Career Fair.

VendorExpo_20122013Career Fair

The school has it’s own museum in Baltimore that we are partners with. Here is a card we produced for them.

Dental museum  Dental museum back

Below are a handful of the slides I created for our web stories on a weekly basis. If you want to see more, click on the link below and it will take you to the department’s website where you will see the pictures sliding along the top of the screen. They change weekly, so be sure to visit again soon.



Vendor_Slide  Twins  natural_remedy

frisby_slide  military_slide  summer_MD_slide

I have created an assortment of banners, posters, backdrops, and displays, all located throughout the building. A few were used for themed events such as Reunion, and others are more generic. Here are some samples for your viewing pleasure.

Banner 1  Backdrop  Banner

Alerts  President News  Alerts

Gen 3  Gen 3  Gen 3

Events Poster  Grand Class Poster  In Memorium

Furthermore, I have been handed some unique projects as well. These include designing etchings for glass suite doors (newest on bottom), monitor templates and displays.

Mon. 2  Mon. 1  Display Case

suite door design  Suite Etch 1

Helped to re-design the homepage for the website. Here is a template I made when I first started, and the most current one side-by-side. The link will take you to the homepage.

template  template2

Continuing Education is a big part of our Advancement Office. Here is a brochure I created that lists all of the upcoming classes for the fiscal year.

2014 bi-fold card

Below is a Departure Card to keep in touch with alumni, along with a personalized invitation to an alumni’s reception (honoring the new Dean).

departure card  departure card back  Dr Emad reception card

I always enjoyed making holiday and birthday cards. The first piece is hand drawn.

Holiday Card 2  Holiday Card 1  Birthday card

I’ve created certificates, envelopes, planning sheets, fact sheets, hang tags, coupons and other miscellaneous works.

cerificate  planning sheet  fact sheet

Mdental_envelope2  Mdental_envelope1  Mdental_hang_tag  Coupon


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