Videos & Animations

I have worked with a variety of different video formats throughout my life. These particular videos were shot and filmed, then edited:

Here is a video I created while working for UMSOD, in dedication of the prestigious Gies Award. It includes a speech from the Dean along with a beloved teacher and faculty member.


I created videos for Elite Tournament’s YouTube channel.  I controlled all aspects of the production, taking the pictures and clips throughout the process. Here is one I specifically enjoyed making.

The rest of the videos can be found at:, under the Youtube Channel section.


This link leads you to an animated text movie I created.  It is based around the song, “Ocean”, by Slightly Stoopid.  Ocean

I created this animation to stress the severity of drunk driving.  I believe it is still a serious matter in our society.  This video includes statistics and punishments (created in Maya).


These next two videos animate cartoons to create a sense of humor for the audience.

Fun school project: Click “First Car” to see an animation I created by combining hand drawn images with the programs Final Cut and After Effects to create a story.  First Car



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